Lake Tawakoni Guide Service in West Tawakoni, TX

If you are planning for the fishing trip of a lifetime, you have come to the right place! Whether you want to fill your freezer with catfish or you just like to learn more about Lake Tawakoni, contact me today. Your trip will be suited for you just the way you want it.

About Larry Thomas, the Guide

I have been fishing since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. There are many lakes that I have fished in and around the area, but when I visited Lake Tawakoni for the first time in 2001, I quickly fell in love with it. After that, I moved to East Tawakoni, TX and devoted all my time learning the lake’s patterns and habits of the catfish there.

Book a Tour Today

When you call to schedule a tour, you are booking with me directly. I will make sure to offer you a true fishing experience. I can’t control the weather or how the fish bites the bait on the hook, but if you do not catch a good amount of fish during our trip, your next trip is free!

Spring (March–May)

This is the best time for catching “eater” blue catfish! We usually catch 50 or more fish that weighs 5–10 pounds, and it’s a blast! Spring is my busiest time of the year, so I suggest you get your reservations in early. I offer morning and afternoon trips during this period.

Summer (June–October)

There are lots of channel catfish during the summer. Usually, we fishers reach our limit with 25 fish per person in a matter of 2–4 hours. I start at daylight so I can get back in early enough to have the fish cleaned and ready to eat before it gets too hot.

Fall (October–November)

During this season, I try to fish for what’s biting the best. We will either fish for channel catfish or blue catfish depending on what’s biting better. If you call me before our tour, I can tell you what to expect!

Winter (December- February)

This is the season when fishing is most popular at Lake Tawakoni. This is also the time for trophies, and people can compete with each other to catch the BIGGEST fish in the lake.

During this time of the year, we usually reel in 6–20 fish in total, and you have a great chance to catch one or more BIG fish. We are talking about catching 20-pound to 80-pound blue catfish! As a personal rule, I do release any catfish that is less than 15 pounds.

Standard Tour


  • 1–3 people
  • Up to 5 hours or until the limit of 25 fish per person is met

Additional People

$125 each

  • Up to 8–10 people max
  • Up to 5 hours or until the limit of 25 fish per person is met

Plan your next fishing adventure with Lake Tawakoni Guide Larry Thomas today!